Articles of Yodeling Faith

Small Selection of Articles and Interviews

1. Will There Be Yodeling in Heaven? [Cups / WFMU]: The one that started it all.

2. Alles wat je over JODELEN wilde weten, maar niet durfde te vragen: Article appeared in New Folk Sounds, a Dutch magazine, interviewed by Rene van Peer.

3. The Yodel that Ate Celluloid [Brooklyn Rail]

4. Inside the Secret History of Yodeling [Esquire]

5. Masked Avenger Claims Yodeling Cured His Asthma [Brooklyn Rail / MAA site]

6. Stuck on Stucky: Yodeling Up Some Swiss Blues [Suicidal Yodels] Liner notes

7. Yodel-Spotting: Lapsed-Mennonites, Yodeling Truck Drivers, Japanese Carnivores in Lederhosen, and Soft-Core Tyrolean Yodel Porn [Brooklyn Rail]

8. High on a hill … but yodelling is not just for lonely goatherds [Guardian]

9. Extending Yodeling’s Voiceprints [Perfect Sound Forever]


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