WTM #1160: Wreck Yodeling On the Wire

WTM #1160: Wreck This Yodeling Mess vs On the Wire [BBC]
15.12.2012 ~ Radio Patapoe ~ Amsterdam ~ 
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
 on the wire

“It surprises me, it does everything of its own volition. I call it Soularfone. The pygmies call it Umbo Weti… This voice is not me, my voice is ancient. This person you see before you is controlled by ego but my voice is egoless.”—Leon Thomas

Call Of The Forest (Intro) > Baka Beyond Rhythm Tree / March Hare]
Bandy Bandy (exc) > Zap Mama & Erykah Badu [Ancestry in Progress / Luaka Bop]
Jungle Roots Dub > Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Mad Professor [Experryments At The Grass Roots Of Dub / Ariwa]
Yodel Reggae > Leroy Gibbons [Muzik City: The Story Of Trojan /  Trojan]
No Dog Barks > Dub Syndicate [Stoned Immaculate / On-U Sound / ON-U LP56]
Jaga Ode (original mix) > Alpendub vs Kutzkelina [Jo-Delay / The Man Cable]
More Nice Time (exc) > Peeni Waali vs Lee Perry [The Eve  of Peeni Waali / Mensch]
Liobali > Christine Lauterburg [Echo der Zeit / CSR]
Ledoj Express / Planalp > Christine Lauterburg [Alles Bleibt Anders / Dewil]
Deep Forest > Deep Forest [Deep Forest / Dance Pool & Columbia]
Cattle Call (exc) > People Like Us vs Matmos vs Wobbly [Wide Open Spaces]
The Hip Cowboy > Slim Gaillard [Complete Jazz Series / Classics France]
I Wish I Was A Cowboy (edit) > S.E. Rogie / Palm Wine Guitar Music / Cooking Vinyl]
Spaced Cowboy > Sly & The Family Stone [There’s A Riot Goin’ On / Epic]
Cowboys > The Fugees [The Score / Columbia]
“The voice projection… leads to a wordless yodel sounding not unlike an American Indian call—the moaning of spirits known and unknown.”—Pharoah Sanders on Leon Thomas
Yodelling Song > Tanita Tikaram [Lovers in the City / EastWest]
Black Yodel no. 13 > Mike Johnson [Yodel Archives 1 / Roughshod]
Yodel Live @ Downtown Top Ranking  > Shinehead vs Screechy Dan [Youtube]
Echoes (exc) > Leon Thomas [Spirits Known and Unknown / Bluebird]
Echoes (exc) > Wayne St. John [Private recording / unreleased]
Something In My Heart > Barrington Levy vs  Reggie Stepper [Time]
Soca Yodel  > Culture B vs Screechie Dan [My Space]
Yodelcuckoo > People Like Us [Hate People Like Us / Staalplaat]
Cutting > Mike Jones & Magno [Swishahouse 1st Round Draft Picks]
Yodel > Pygmées Mbinga [Petites Musiques du Zaïre / Buda]
Yodel Echo (exc) > Hi-5 [YouTube]
Dikoboda Sombe > Aka Pygmies [Aka Pygmy Music / Philips]
Creator Has a Master Plan (exc)  > Leon Thomas & Louis Armstrong [Louis Armstrong & His Friends. Bluebird First Editions / ]
bart plantenga: website
Wreck: playlists
Wreck: audio

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