WTM #1125: Yodels Hanging on to Trains

tiroler abend

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

Train yo freedom britt-ken > B/art
wtu06-yodel bomber > plu/jbhp/w
Good Kaye Whit Schulte > b/art & Schulte  & Danny Kaye
Yodel Reptiles > Oingo Boingo
It’s A Quiet Town  > Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye
Muita Lôco > Banda Muita Loco
Jimmie Rodger’s Last Blue Yodel > Jason & Rabbagastene
Muleskinner Blues > Jad Fair/Half Japanese
She Won’t Be My Gal No More > Rhythm Wreckers [Whitey McPherson]
My Narrow Mind > 16 Horsepower
California Hippy Murders > Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger [Yodels from Texas to Tyrol / MAA]
Boogy Yodel Cowboy Blues > John Brosnan
Darling [yodel] > Crass
Flat > Honeymoon Killers
Yodel Blues > Sam Sacks
She Taught Me How to Yodel > Stackridge with Michael Evans yodeling
Yodel  > Deep Purple
Seattle Yodel > Gorillaz
Twist And Yodel > Claude Brownell & The Country Cousins
Muleskinner Twist > Ray Kannon
Twistin’ Is A Funny Thing > Al Sherron & The Blue Sky Rangers
Gitarzan > Ray Stevens
Cotton-Haired Lady > Bill Haley
One Horse Town acoustic > Hank Williams III 
Rockabilly yodel > Bob Cribbie
Jodel Twist > Susi Schuster
Pretty > Cranberries [Everybody Else is Doing It / Island]
Yodelling Song > Tanita Tikaram
Government Surveillance Yodel Blues > The Fugs
Nationalhymne Der DDR > FSK [When It Rains In Texas It Snows On The Rhine / Sub-Up]
Switzerland > The Champs
Rock Tiroles  > Banda Muita Loco
I’m Your DJ > Lil Wally
End of Marvelous Night Outro pal* > B/art & MC Pal

This is gritty knock-em-down dusty, rollicking yodeling to do with trains and manly stuff. The floating influence of yodeling in rootsy post-rockabilly and real country is significant as the yodel often represents stabs at vocals and behavior beyond the norm, of actions meant to transcend normal locution, normal behavior, normal song, normal situations so that through the yodel we reach another side of reality, beyond what we are normally dealing with.
And what all of the above singers have in common is that singing is not enough when it comes to transcending or trangressing. To take us elsewhere requires vocals that serve as mantras that push our consciousness into another state.

BTW: All of the above yodels and yodelers are featured in my forthcoming book YODEL IN HIFI
Listen to selected shows at wreckthismixcloud


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