WTM #1086: Mix Ultra-Electro-Voce-Extremotion

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

22 February 2010 // 16.30-18.30

“Yodeling is maligned because people tend to fear, thus ridicule, the extreme, and also tend to find the extreme lacking in nuance. Often, yodelers have abetted this neglect by obsessing on the mere trick of the yodel, [becoming] virtuosos of the mechanical. Yodeling can be redolent with emotional subtlety, but it’s abstract, lacks the comfort of semantics, so many folks are more at ease lounging in pop cliché, deriving their subtlety from particular analogous memories.”
Jack Collom, poet-yodeler-pedagogue

In the beginning was the voice. Voice is sounding breath, the audible sign of life. • Otto Jespersen, Language, Its Nature, Development and Origin

Stepping into the Night > Penumbra [Anoraks / Universal Egg]
+ Yodel Bomber > People Like Us
Stepping into the Night > Penumbra [Anoraks / Universal Egg]
+ Balkanization > Neil B. Rolnick
Stepping into the Night > Penumbra [Anoraks / Universal Egg]
+ A Little Pond, Whatever You want it to Be > Bob Ross
Pushpulser > Penumbra [Anoraks / Universal Egg]
Kariitti [Finn] > Leena Joutsenlahti
Introduction Et Ouanigou* > Valentin Clastrier
The Chi Stirs > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
[Talking] Space to Space > Iris Garrelfs [Split/Sprinter / Lichtung]
Lettre au Directeur des Messageries Maritimes [Rimbaud] > Richard Bohringer & Mr. X [Zazou]
The Chi Stirs > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
[Talking] Space to Space > Iris Garrelfs [Split/Sprinter / Lichtung]
Schlagerzeit (Tolstoy’s Anemic) > Doo-Dooettes
In Full Bloom > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
Na Marcem de Todas as Coisas: Uma Cancao > Ricardo Corona
Xango > Cathy Berberian
Yodel Odel Obey Me  > Dr. Doofenshmirtz
[Talking] Space to Space > Iris Garrelfs [Split/Sprinter / Lichtung]
Waiting for a Train  > The Proclaimers
Russian Roulette > Shelley Hirsch
Tatlaga > Egschiglen [Traditionelle Mongolische Lieder / Gema http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egschiglen
The Chi Stirs > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
[Talking] Space to Space > Iris Garrelfs [Split/Sprinter / Lichtung]
Mongolian Folk Melody > Egschiglen [Traditionelle Mongolische Lieder / Gema]
Angelica Silvestris > Anna Nacher
I dreamt I Yodeled I Remixed project* > Alvin Curran
The Chi Stirs > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
Dierpmesbákti – The Rock Of The Thunder God > Wimme [Cugu / Rockadillo]
Concierto En Canto – Sobre Saltos > Fatima Miranda
Floating World 1 > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
Um Um Um > Leon Thomas [Spirits Known and Unknown / Bluebird-BMG]
Depressed Echo 4x > Margaret Harris/WFMU]
Arctic Bar > Meredith Monk [Facing North / ECM]
Floating World 2 > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
The Deep > Kyron [Union / Black Note]
Floating World 2 > Annea Lockwood [Thousand Year Dreaming / Pogus]
Rabbi / Union > Kyron [Union / Black Note]
Fly [short] > Yoko Ono
I Want to Hold Your Hand > Cathy Berberian
Alpine Climbers edit > Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Pluto
Stripsody (Tv svizzera italiana 1969) > Cathy Berberian
In the Alps Act 1 [Yodel] > Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

“While singing the yodel I recommend to anyone who is … familiar with the Runes… to take up the appropriate Runic posture. Also it is good, while singing, to stretch your arms out to your sides and to dance slowly in a waltz-step in a circle.”
Siegfried Adolf Kummer

This was a show dedicated to adventurous vocalists many of whom will appear on my AVANT LE VOIX: HUMAN EXPERIMENTS WITH THE YODEL album. What I had forgotten for those years in the late 1980s through until the later 1990s was that the human voice is still the best most evocative and radical instrument. I had given up on vocals, specifically rock/pop lyrics because nothing rang true or even that clever. But through Yoko Ono, Shelley Hirsch I came out of my moratorium and these adventurous vocalists led me to the yodel and the rest is history of course. The yodel has never been fully accepted as Muzak for the masses the way rock and rock n roll have. Isn’t it strange to hear your favorite rock anthems, the ones that spoke the most to your identity crisis now being shoveled up in super markets to ease us into anxiety-free shopping? I combined two disparate forms [electronica] and [mostly] unplugged / honest voices and in their abstract extrapolations of what can have meaning outside standard rock/pop song formats they come together very seamlessly.

What I stuck to mostly was female voices and men at the knobs. The female is allowed to express any/everything as long as it is with her voice as marketed icon of herself and her femaleness but also as the only instrument where women predominate, where they have taken the reigns. There is no other instrument dominated by women. Look at ensembles, bands, rock groups – its 95% men behind the kits and axes. Is it perhaps some ancient link between women, enchantment, lorelei, destruction, power that has allowed for this anomaly? Or is it just me? Is there some oral cavity – vaginal link that goes back beyond history into our very genetic structure? Does it have something to do with a certain Ur-confidence that women have, not based on socialization, more like despite socialization, but something that has to do with their very femaleness? That they, unlike men, do not have to prove their ability to create over and over and over. They can move – with their art and voices – beyond having to prove themselves, to show off, beholden to touting results.

What we have here is a strange conglomeration of musicians and vocalists, many of whom  are world musicians in the abstract form as beyond boundaries, border, nationalities, isms and such, a world without countries but not without roots. They end up exploring the very physicality of the OOO, the OOOMM, the Yo- the leap into EEee and have noted the effects this has on both body and spirit. In a sense divining up a world beyond explication, beyond narrative that only jazz musicians have maybe been privy to. But then I think that perhaps many singers undergo a kind of transformation and that this is really a series of highlighted moments, consciously noted by these vocalists, states that we ALL pass through in the course of a day of flickering consciousness, with external stimuli triggering memories like signpost mnemonic devices, with voices working as laments, as doorways and passages to different parts of ourselves. People like Anna Nacher, Shelley Hirsch, Fatima Miranda, Yoko Ono, Barbara Hannigan and Cathy Berberian seem to be able to periodically function as oracles and sometimes their vocal arsenal must create the equivalent of a skipped heartbeat so that they and we can enter a new plane and this may happen when you least expect it – after a yodeled flourish that shakes us out of our expectation of [radio-fed] musical normalcy, that music and vocals must follow rules. These are some bold, brave, kick-ass gals, every bit as provocative as Joan Jett or Lady Gaga – times 10.


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