WTM #1039: Yodeling from Primal Scream to Hound Howl


wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3

Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

01 December 2008 // 17.00-19.00
Fly [Long] > Yoko Ono 
Desasosiego > Fátima Miranda
While I Was Walking #4 > Miya Masaoka & 3 Choirs & 9 Soloists 
Feral Geography I & II > I Have Eaten the City 
From Hell to Breakfast > Coolhaven 
Tchaikovsky & Other Russians > Danny Kaye 
No Way Around That > Yoshimi 
Ballade Du Facteur > Jean Yatove / Jacques Tati 
Life is So Surprising > Bertini 
Hungarian Dance Yodel > Mary Schneider *
What’s the Matter With Hannah > Olga vs Pornologic 
The Yodelling Whistler > Ronnie Ronalde *
Callas Sumac Sutherland > Dural *
Cut and Run > Hajo D. 
Tennessee Houn’ Dog Yodel > Marvin Rainwater *
Can Can Jodel > Margret Almer *
Inebricajun Yodel > Prince Rodriguez *
The Harlem Yodel > The Spirits of Rhythm *
Abeam > Yvat 
Carpet Flying > Snorkel * 
Ablution > Yvat 
Aranzander > El Gran Silencio 
Alter Echo “Perpetual Next/Pop Titles ‘You’” > Pamela Z vs DJ Spooky
Wish I Have a Wing > Prince Far I
Frozen Grass > Yvat 
Overturitme > Dennis De Bel 
Pebbles on the Beach > Harry Merry 
Don’t Do That > Raaskalbomfukkere 
Roken Dodelijk > Klaxon Guele 
Jodel Jump > Zware Jongens *
I’ll Just Die in Your Arms Tonight > Vince the Prince 
Moko Braun > Klaxon Guele 
What You waiting For > Kodi 
Stuck on You > Zea 
Every once in a while I have to do a few shows without references. My aim is still to try to get some  shows uploaded for actual listening although, the idea of annotated playlists as some bastard sub-genre of literature is still appealing. It is a little like intellectual or nostalgic listening where the headphones are replaced by mindphones. The mere reading of the list and/or the descriptions conjures up an internal body music. 
I have noticed a distinct pattern in my eccentric choice of music. I am never content to stick to one theme, style, genre, country. It is always essential to throw a fly in the ointment, to add some whiskey to the water, some nitro glycerine to the eye make-up.
In this show I played a number of yodels [*] but also a lot of dub because both resonate through my body like its the hollow body amplifying certain magnificent sounds. What I like: dub, yodeling, French music [not all! A lot of it is 50s pop, Serge, Greco, poesie, jazz but also entire harvests of new speculative electro dub, experimental etc.]. In between, I play a lot of noise, sounds, speculative music from the fringe, music that reshapes the sounds that we are surrounded with in our daily lives, and I like playing novelty songs, humorous, irreverent, clunky, bad taste pieces. This is further processed through Lofi insanity, found spoken word, alternative insouciance as insulation from consumer culture, willfully obscure glitch, minimal emotionalism, cold ambient ballads, atmospheric tales, furniture music, and ignored, label-less, denounced musics that in a world of anglo-dominance get ignored because they are not in english…
And they say that innovation has to do with breaking out of patterns of thinking. Routines are death to innovation. This is no worry at Patapoe where every week is a surprise. This surprise serves as a challenge in crisis management. It has been more manageable of late although there are times when you come in and you don’t recognize your “own” studio. Everything has been tampered with, adjusted, website interface changed, files moved, lights that don’t work or have been covered or the mixing board has been screwed with so that all of the channels are different and unmarked and so radio becomes creativity and DJing via or despite crisis management. We now have 3 mixing boards – a new one that is now plugged in seems good, solid and simple. The minimum of inputs necessary, the minimum of knobs and possibilities for things to get screwed. 
Some weeks you have to just forget auto-cuing your discs because there are no headphones. So you wing it with the mix, the segue. They either happen or not based on in air touch. This ensures a certain LoFi raw sound that can never be confused for modern techniques or for computerized radio. This is good because it is in the glitches and errors that surprising things happen – like the emergence of humanity.
* The yodels played here are a variety that will be funneled into my next [5] yodel projects. They express my belief that the yodel is in far wider use than is commonly accepted by general audiences or by the hip-oisie. It goes the gamut from kitsch schläger “CanCan Yodel” to Fatima Miranda’s abstract vocals but also via drunken cajuns, the cowboy-indian Marvin Rainwater who makes the connection between the yodel and a dog’s howl an immutable fact.



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